About Us

The team at Atomic Sport are motivated by making a difference to sports organisations, their staff, their fans and their sponsors.

We Believe

We believe that all sports organisations can grow. We know from working at close quarters with our clients, that they are running diverse businesses with small teams and limited resources. Our objective is to apply creativity and planning to our client’s business for the purpose of increasing fan and customer engagement and ultimately revenue.

While the senior team at Atomic Sport are passionate about sport, our expertise and background comes from high level creative, advertising and marketing. Our principals have led multi-disciplinary marketing projects for major brands such as Audi, Nissan, Microsoft, Bank of Ireland, Apple, Nike and Dell. Through Atomic Sport, we bring that expertise to our sporting clients.

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The leadership team at Atomic Sport is supported by expert teams in creative, design, planning, digital and production. These teams are deeply experienced in the distinct challenge that is marketing sports and sports organisations. This expertise allows us to effectively and efficiently create plans, advertising and content for our clients.

Whether working as ongoing marketing partners to our clients, or on one-off creative projects, we combine expertise in sports marketing and high level creative to deliver solutions to our clients that they cannot get elsewhere.

About us
About us